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Category: "Two Pigeon Challenge" Hot Spot No. 5, 380km Home Team won the No.1 2000$ price in the "Two Pigeon Challenge" on Hot Spot No. 5 (380km, 07.01.2006) with pigeon Kuli (DE 517, No.33) and Nadja (DE 519, No.53)

Category "Sun City Ace Pigeon" (Grand Averages):

Current ranking after 13 of 17 flights over 50 km (Price money after 17 flights (hen+cock): 5000$, 2.nd 3000$, 3.rd 1000$)

  1. Daring (DE834) hen, M.Tihen, 31h 30min 50sec
  2. Campus M.(DE489) hen, J.Becker, 31h 52min, 46sec
  3. Tom Tom (NL027) hen, T.Konings, 31h 53min 54sec
  4. Umali (NL067) hen, G.Koopman, 31h 54min 10sec
  5. Coccinelle (CN411) hen, Z.Yujun, 31h 55min 56sec
  6. Nadja (DE519) cock, Home Team, 31h 56min 47sec
  7. Primodomo (NL074) hen, Comp P+N, 32h 07 min 37sec

Category: "Two Pigeon Challenge" Hot Spot Ranking for the Home Team:

Ranking No. 3   Hot Spot 1 *19.Nov.05 131km* with 30,56 m/s  (unseede)

Ranking No.13  Hot Spot 2 *26.Nov.05 196km* with 40,02 m/s

Ranking No. 1   Hot Spot 5 *07.Jan. 06 380km* with 39,56 m/s